our process

The A - Z of the Oryx Process - from sustainable sourcing to state-of-the-art roasting and delivery to your door!


Our green coffee beans are sourced from around the world using DRWakefields.
DRWakefields has been supplying high-quality coffee beans from more than 50 countries for over 20 years. 

They pride themselves in following the three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. In 1994, they were the first independent coffee importer in their sector to actively fight for a Fairtrade licence and the first to gain a European Organic licence.


To uphold the quality and sustainability pillars of our raw coffee beans, we use the Giesen W6E electric roaster. We opted for an electric roaster because all Guernsey’s electricity come from a sustainable energy source from France. The Giesen W6E can roast 6 kilograms of coffee at a time.

We then run the roaster through an electro-magnetic filter that removes almost all of the emissions leaving the environment healthy and clean.


The product

In addition to supplying Guernsey’s finest coffee, we have a wide range of coffee making equipment and provide our customers with a fantastic platform for them to come in and get a better understanding of the different tase profiles of coffee and how to make themselves that perfect cup. 


We also have a commercial espresso machine and grinder in the shop for people who want to start the journey to become a professional barista or just to fine-tune their skills for make coffee on the machine at home. 


Come on In!

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