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Not just a Coffee shop

We are committed to supplying only sustainably sourced, high-quality beans, roasted with state-of-the-art equipment in the heart of Guernsey.

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Using sustainably sourced beans from all corners of the coffee world.

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Our shop is based in the heart of Guernsey’s Old Quarter. 

Our Story

Oryx is a small artisanal coffee roasting company in the heart of Guernsey’s old quarter, focusing primarily on the roasting of single-origin beans from all corners of the coffee-growing areas of the world. DRWakefields – a family business based in London – is Oryx’s main source of green beans

Oryx coffee roaster is not a coffee shop per se, but rather ‘a shop of coffee’. Oryx boasts a wide range of coffee making equipment, providing customers with a unique platform to visit and obtain a better understanding of the different taste profiles of coffee – and how to make themselves that perfect cup!

Oryx features a commercial espresso machine and grinder in the shop for those who wish to begin the journey to becoming a professional barista, or to fine-tune their home coffee machine skills.

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31 Mill Street 
Saint Peter Port